Hatcho Miso

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Hatcho Miso is stronger in taste than other Miso varieties and is mainly used in Japanese Cuisine for soups. Hatchomiso was consumed daily by the Japanese emperor.

Hatcho Miso Production

Hatcho Miso is made only from soybeans, water, Salt and Koji. The fermentation with Aspergillus Oryzae takes compared to other Miso varieties relatively long about 2 to 3 years.

During the production of Hatcho Miso less water and salt is used as in other miso varieties.

Nutrients Protein

Hatcho Miso has the highest protein content of all miso varities.

The salt content is lower than other miso, aside from that the consistency of Hatcho Miso is dry, since less water is used. This Miso is very rich in vitamins and minerals.


The taste of Hatcho Miso is strong and due to the long fermentation, the taste of Hatcho Miso is like chocolate.

Processing And Use

Hatcho Miso is used primarily in Japanese Cuisine for soups – Miso Soup.

Hatcho Miso can be mixed well with other varieties of miso, or can be used alone.

Hatcho Miso is named after the company Hatcho in Okazaki.

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