Agar Agar

December 1st, 2010 by admin

Agar Agar or even called Japanese Kanten, is the gelatin in Asia. Agar-Agar is made ​​of various algae, especially from red algae.

Nutrients – Vitamins, Minerals

Kanten or Agar Agar contain only about 2% protein, hardly any fat and about 74% carbohydrates.

The fiber content is very high, from the minerals only calcium is noteworthy, sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus are only present in small amounts.

Iron, zinc, copper and manganese are also present only in small amounts. Except for small amounts of pantothenic acid, other vitamins are not included.

Iodine Content

The Iodine content of agar agar is unknown but is probably very low as agar agar is an integral part of the Cuisine of Southeast Asia.

Processing and Use

In Japan, Agar Agar, or Japanese Kanten has long been used for the preparation of food.

It is mainly used as a gelling agent, thickener and is used for the manufacture of confectionery. Kanten is produced mainly from red algae.

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