Salt Information

December 1st, 2010 by admin

Salt is an important part of Japanese Cuisine, because with the assistance of salt, Soy Sauces such as shoyu and tamari and seasonings such as miso were made​​.

Salt Ingredients

Salt is important for the balance of fluid in the cells and the entire human organism.

The chemical formula for salt is sodium chloride. Thus salt consists of sodium and chlorine.

Sodium is important for the nerves, for the muscles and the fluid balance.

Chlorine is essential for gastric acid and for hormone levels. Since common salt or refined salt contains only sodium and chlorine, it is not as healthy for the body such as the Sea Salt, which contains, except sodium and chloride more than 40 other trace elements.

Amount Of Salt

The amount of salt, needed by an average person daily is valued at 1g to 5g.

Usually much higher amounts of salt were added to the food and food products, so the average person takes daily about 50 to 100 times the amount of salt, which is needed.

Too much salt, however, harms more than it is good, it can eg. lead to headaches, kidney problems and high blood pressure.

Processing And Use

Salt is used in almost all dishes and foods and for the Japanese cuisine mostly the sea salt is playing a significant role.

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